Josh Feeney: Blog en-us josh feeney (Josh Feeney) Fri, 17 Mar 2023 02:58:00 GMT Fri, 17 Mar 2023 02:58:00 GMT Josh Feeney: Blog 120 90 My first blog- Exciting things on the horizon! Ok, I admit, after around 12 years as a photographer, I should probably write a blog post. I actually really enjoy writing, and after 22 years as a full-time real estate broker having written hundreds, many, many hundreds of property descriptions, carefully crafted many articulately detailed property analyses for single-family homes, condominiums, and multi-family investment properties, CMA's, offers, counter-offers, hand-written notes to property owners who had the exact home that my buyers want but isn't exactly for sale right now, letters to banks arguing my case against why the home that my buyers are heart set on purchasing did not appraise out (maybe because the appraiser lives a county away and doesn't know the difference between Lakeview and Lake Bluff), and everything in between. But alas, I digress. 

Until now, photography has, for the most part, been for fun, and a "side hustle" really. But this is changing. I am now transitioning to photography on more of a full-time basis. This is where my heart is, this is what I love to do, and I am going to make this happen! My girlfriend and I have been talking about having a business together, and right now just seems to be the right time for both of us. For at least the last 15 years, I have photographed everything from shelter dogs (which is what I am best known for and have photographed literally thousands of shelter dogs) to weddings, engagements, headshots, kids, babies, so many events, musical performances, bar/bat mitzvahs, I was lucky enough to be able to photograph tons of professional athletes including home Chicago Bears games for three years, be in the photo pit during the rally both the Blackhawks won the cup in 2013 (as well as a calendar with several B.H. players) in 2015 as well as for the Cubs when they won the Pennant in 2016. Photography has opened many doors for me, and I love this journey so far, and I cannot wait to see where it leads me.

That said, my girlfriend and I are going to start doing some pop up events. We are currently working with some local businesses, and are going to be doing some pop up kids portrait events, as well as doggy treat catching/portrait events. Stay tuned, I will post these upcoming events here on my website, as well as on my FB and IG pages. 

Stay tuned, and thank you for reading!

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